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Our orchards are located in the heart of the Orne Valley in a Protected Designation of Origin area.
We typically grow high-stem varieties of local apples and pears in our ciders. Varieties of cider: binet rouge, douce moen, frequin rouge, doux normandie, saint martin, doux verret de carrouge and bedan
Pear varieties: plant de blanc, antricotin, fausset and de cloche are our main varieties.
Our orchards are grown in a traditional way and respect the environment. They’ve been certified as organic for over 10 years. We harvest the fruit when it reaches maturity, between September and November. For some orchards the harvesting is done by hand which guarantees a certain quality and conservation of the fruits.
The apples and pears are then washes, sorted, grated and pressed in order to extract the juice needed to make cider. The juice ferments gently and naturally for a clear high-quality cider which has developed a natural aroma.




Once the cider is completely fermented, it is distilled in a copper still. The alcohol vapours are condensed and recovered for pouring into oak barrels. Then begins the ageing process…
The continual exchange between the brandy, the wood and the air of the cellars allows Calvados to enrich itself with the tannic materials of oak. The aroma then increases, the colour of the calvados changes from golden to a deeper and deeper amber.
Tasted regularly, some brandies from different areas and of different ages are added to reach that balanced calvados which has such a high quality and intense aroma./p>


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